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There are two systems for Criminal Law in Western Australia being the State and Commonwealth systems.

The far majority of matters in WA are State matters. We provide advice and representation in both systems. Our Criminal Law services are intended to be used by clients before they are spoken to by Police. 

We assist clients charged with all types of criminal matters. It is important for people charged with an offence to be aware of their rights, what it is the prosecution need to prove and the likely outcome from entering pleas of guilty or not guilty. Some people think they don’t need legal representation if they enter a plea of guilty to a charge but an effective Plea in Mitigation is a key component of the criminal justice system. We offer a fixed fee service for most sentencing matters in the Magistrate and District courts.

If you have been asked to provide a statement or participate in an interview you have a right to seek legal advice beforehand. You should always do so because failure to get legal advice before speaking to an investigating officer may be damaging to your case.