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There are three main types of restraining orders in Western Australia.

They are Family Violence Restraining Orders (FVRO), Violence Restraining Orders (VRO) and Misconduct Restraining Orders (MRO). With the exception of an MRO, these Restraining Orders are often applied for without the knowledge of the Respondent (the restrained person). If a Magistrate is satisfied grounds exist then an interim order is made and served. The grounds for each type of Restraining Order are different; particularly when applying for a FVRO. The definition of Family Violence in the legislation is very broad and is not restricted to actual personal violence.

We provide advice and representation for Applicants and Respondents in Restraining Order matters. Usually, an Applicant will not require legal representation for an initial application. If you are considering applying for or have been served a Restraining Order and want to know more about your situation then contact us and we will discuss your matter with you.


It is important people who are restrained by a Restraining Order are aware of the consequences of breaching the order. There are very few statutory defences against a breach and if the Restraining Order is breached with the consent of the protected person an offence has still been committed. Consensual breaches are a serious criminal matter and in some circumstances will still result in a serious penalty being imposed. If you are restrained by a Restraining Order and have been told by the protected person the Restraining Order has been cancelled, you should still contact the Court that issued the order to confirm this before having any contact with the protected person.